Netfali Arms Beta Class Stun Binders

Model: Netfali Arms Stun Binders

Scale: Charachter

Cost: 250-600 credits(generally, price varies on size determined by species)

Range: (Remote) 75m

Damage: 5d Stun


Tired of rowdy prisoners? Upset when a perp you thought was unconscious breaks free of the meager binders your department provided? Well worry no more! The Netfali Arms Beta-Class Stun Binders are your answer to controlling your prisoner, even at a distance!

Thats right! No more "fancy" martial arts and your prey is ten blocks away by the time you wake up, the NA Stun Binders come equipped with a remote that enables you to engage the stun mechanism from up to 75 meters away!

And thats not all. The NA Stun binders have ten different settings, so you can vary the amount of pressure needed to set of the stun blast. And the patented shock-tight casing prevents any tampering with the internal mechanism. So much for those perps who like to wrestle while they are being transported!

So dont delay, put in your order for the NEW Netfali Arms Beta-Class Stun Binders now, because you may not get a second chance!