Gimblecorp "Second Chance" Collar

Model: Gimblecorp Revitalization collar

Scale: Charachter

Skill: First Aid

Cost: 1200 credits(generally, price varies on size determined by species)


The Gimblecorp Second Chance collar is perfect for those times when a stray blaster bolt or ham fisted Gammorean might signal the end of your precious life. Designed to be effective on over 3 million forms of sentient life, the "Second Chance" collar is a must have for those who value their life, or happen to live in on a high crime planet.

Designed to give up to 3 "life saving" bursts of energy to vital parts of the anatomy, the "Second Chance" has been tested and proven effective in numerous cases. Designed as a stylish collar that fits around the neck, the "Second Chance" runs off of a blovidium-IV battery that has an average life of four years.

Should the collar note any cease in heart activity for more than 15 seconds, it initiates an electrical charge necessary to restart a sentients vital organ. The "Second Chance" will repeat this process twice more should the first try prove unsuccessful.

GM NOTES: A EASY first aid roll is needed to calibrate the collar to the wearers specifications.

When a character is "killed" while wearing the collar, the player may make up to (3) straight STENGTH rolls. The target # needed are as follows:

First Roll: 25

Second Roll: 30

Third Roll:40

If the character succeeds in hitting the target # on any of the rolls, they are upgraded to "Mortally Wounded" status for 2d6 minutes. If they beat any of the numbers by more than 10, then they are upgraded to "Incapacitated".