Netfali Arms "Party Crasher" Fragmentation Grenade

Model: Netfali Arms Fragmentation Grenade

Scale: Character

Skill: Grenade

Blast Radius: 0-8/15/25

Damage:4d/3d/2d vs Energy

Availability: 2,X

Cost: 400 credits

Tired of tossing a regular run-of-the-mill frag grenade into a room and watching all of your heavily armored opponents smirk? With the Netfali Arms Party Crasher, you never need worry about that embarrasment again! Due to the increasing number of manufacturers putting out tougher and tougher armor, normal frag grenades just dont cut it anymore. Enter the Party Crasher. Specially developed by Netfali Arms, the Party Crasher utilizes a special chemical coating on all of its interior shrapnel fragments. When the grenade is detonated, a charge goes off, and fragments packed inside of the grenade, coated with our special Enersheer® coating, reacts with air upon contact. This reaction results in the fragments becoming "energized" for a brief period of time, penetrating armor and doing as much damage as a blaster pistol. But thats not all!!!The special Enersheer® coating, once embedded into the armor, begins to break down, leaving a acidic residue behind that eats away at many forms of armor, and has even rendered some blast vests completely useless! The next time you need to crash a party of thugs, and you know your opponents are wrapped in something as tough as durasteel, try a Party Crasher, and wait for the weeping to start.

GM NOTES: If a character is hit by any shrapnel from a "Party Crasher" they lose +1 from their armors ENERGY protection.

Submitted by B.Rodgers