Various Quotes From Game Sessions

(The players have set down on Tattooine and just walked by Chard'Dak, a wookiee bounty hunter with skulls slung from his belt)

Bob:I want to know how subtle things are around here. If Vic walks around with his LRB, is it going to be a problem?

GM:Well, I mean, you'll get some stares...

Bob:Theres a eight foot tall wookiee walking around with human skulls hanging from his belt...

GM: True..

Bob:I'm taking my gun.


(During the first adventure and Vic's(Bobs ) First exposure to space combat.

Bob:Ok, Vic is going to run and get in one of the gun turrets.

GM: Ok, which one?


GM:Left or Right?

Bob:Uh, I dont know..why?

GM: Cause if I roll damage and the turret you are in gets blown off, well, you die.

Bob: Screw that, I'll be in the cockpit.


(Sam(As A'sok) Trying to come up with a name for his new droid...)

Sam: Uh, how about Clitor?




(Bob and MIke discussing Baals' proposed HALO jump into an imperial garrison)

Bob: Let him do it, whats the harm?

MIke: FIne, if he wants to wind up a grease mark on the runway that his business"


(The group is preparing to sneak into a prison facility. Klux is trying to work up a plan so that the team can sneak in on a contruction crew.)

Klux:So, can the rebellion get us some construction equiptment?

GM:Sure, we can get you some short haulers and how about some dedicated earth movers? Get serious....


(Baal, the jedi, after leaping into a pit holding a bad guy)

GM:Ok, hes scrambling to get out and away.

John: Ok, I got two lightsabers, Ill cut off his arms and his legs.


Gm:(To group) OK, a torso just hit the hallway and is screaming in pain.

Bob:Man, thats messed up.

Mike:Uhm, I'm gonna just run by it and try not to look.

John: Hey, at least I didnt kill him.


(Ten spot, the sarcastic armorer droid, telling Koort, the new Ubese team member the way things work)

Tenspot hovers in to the cargo bay and lays the food on a nearby crate.

" Now that you are part of the crew my fancy little Ubese friend it is time that you know that we droids stick together. and as part of our little union I call the shots. so dont think that because you fancy yourself as some "fearsome hunter" we are going to cowtow to you. you can just get in line behind everyone else and wait.."

Of course he is slowly hovering back towards the door the whole time he is making his announcement, keeping his distance without trying to keep his distance. You know, "casual" hovering.


(After Vic tells someone that "the ball is in their court"):

Baal: I'm not in Koort.


Earlier in the adventure the ubese bounty hunter Koort decides to take damage from a sniper shot instead of dodging. He is incapacitated. Much later he is almost killed by a trandoshan and is again incapacitated when Vic tends to his wounds:

Vic:So, uh, did you decide to "take" this one too?



Earlier in the adventure Baal has his hand severed by the dark jedi Nomi. After he has it reattached he meets Ten Spot on his way up the Skullduggery's loading ramp.

Ten Spot:Hey there! Need a hand?