Cytoperancylene aka "Cyto-C"

Type:Highly Addictive Narcotic

Scale: Character

Cost: 1 oz=400 credits


No one is quite sure who created Cyto-C, but it surfaced on Nar Shadda during the waning days of the Empire. The drug was rumored to heighten one's perception, and depending on the amount taken, the result could be nearly unbearable, depending on the surrounding stimuli.

The narcotic found a core customer base in thrill seekers and those who frequented nightclubs and brothels.
The side effects were convulsions and indescibeable pain, but this was only noted in rare cases. Normally the drug would wear off after a period of several hours and the user was left with a hangover and decreased motor reflexes.

Cyto-C can come in two forms. One is a clear blue ordorless liquid that has a distinctly sweet taste, while the other is a light-blue colored paste that one can rub into the skin. This has to be done vigorously, as the mild heat generated causes the narcotic to be absorbed quicker.

A player who takes Cyto-C has his PERCEPTION increased by 3D for 2d6 hours.
However, anything that a normal player would find uncomfortable (ie. loud noise, pain, bright lights) does TWICE the damage to the player on Cyto-C.
After the narcotic wears off, the player is -1D to ALL actions for HALF of the time he was influenced by the drug.