In our newest feature, Darned Near Epic Duels, we pit Raptor Squad members past and present against fictional heroes and villains from the worlds of Sci-fi movies, comic books and television.

We realize this is not an entirely “new” concept. It has been done in various forms, from the recently released Star Wars: Epic Duels game to the Masters of Teras Kasi videogame released in the mid-nineties. Not to mention the various websites and comic books that have been using this formula for years. However, we feel that, if nothing else, you will get a kick out of what we've come up with.

First things first: We aren't going to waste time explaining "how" these combatants are existing in the same universe. You won't find time-rips or wormholes in these battles. If you are reading this then you are a fan of sci-fi and Star Wars and,that being the case, we'll just assume all of the combatant's galaxies inhabit "some" area of the Star Wars galaxy-be it the outer rim or wild space...or beyond.

So, sit back and enjoy these match-ups. Some are bloody, some are elegant, but are all sure to entertain. We would love to hear your feedback on this feature, so please drop us a line…especially if you have any match-ups you would like to see in the future.

Meet the Experts!

Giving you a handicappers perspective are three odds makers from the Star Wars galaxy. Sure they may be shifty, but they got the inside track on these fights and their knowledge is your gain!

kabu Kabu si:

Kabu Si is a Kaminoan handicapper who has set up shop on Mon Cal. He has gained notoriety in betting circles throughout the galaxy as being the most accurate Shockboxing handicapper in the last ten years. This has earned him great respect and admiration from the more "respectable" gambling and sports organizations in the galaxy.
Due to his accuracy and professionalism, his opinion carries such weight that many careers are made or broken based off of his analysis.
Kabu currently publishes a bi-weekly Shockboxing column for the Vashell Sector Times and is regulary features in the Intergalactic Sporting Gazette.

vasi Vasi:

All of her life Vasi has rooted for the underdog. To some degree, that is what she views herself as...a simple gambler and odds-maker trying to make her way in the galaxy.
After showing a proficiency for betting on pod-racing, her family, a roving band of Chadra-Fan took her to Umgul. There, Vasi earned them a small fortune betting on the underdogs in Umgullian Blob Races.
She has gained some minor popularity in betting circles for being able to spot winners amongst a field of longshots.
Visitors to the "Lucky Bantha Casino" on Umgul are likely to find this successful Chadra-Fan making bets and watching the holoboards on a regular basis, along with her 4 brothers and sisters.

gorrto Gorrto aka "Mr.Numbers":

For over 40 years Gorrto has been the premiere odds-maker for over 8 different crime syndicates. His knowledge in games of chance and various sports is unmatched and he demands a high price for his services.
When asked for his secret to success, Gorrto snaps "It's all about the inside track!" Many have interpreted this as Gorrto's tireless and exhaustive practice of finding out every small nuance about a competitor and the location of the event. It is rumored that he even has a "black datadisk" containing the vices,indulgences and debts of over 140,000 active professional Sabaac card players.
Currently, Gorrto is handicapping for the Black Sun crime syndicate.It is important to note that Gorrto's skill as a handicapper is only matched by his rude behavior.

Current Battle:

Past Battles

Lion-O From "Thundercats"
Balthazar Cochroth of Raptor Squad
Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop
Khara Doone of Raptor Squad